Our consultancy activity is mainly oriented toward business innovation, i.e. helping companies to do things differently in all or part of their business model (range on offer, organisation, market, distribution).

Since the OPI has a public service mission, we welcome companies for consultations free of charge in order to respond quickly to the initial questions that arise, or to direct the companies to other bodies if need be.
For more complex problems, the consultancy is performed in the form of support (coaching) with specialists at your disposal depending on the needs of the company. This support process is composed of four phases:

  • the analysis of opportunities
  • the positioning of the project
  • carrying out the action plan
  • the closing and debriefing

Depending on the characteristics and problems of the business, the assistance can be provided by means of different support programmes:

Platinn (for SMEs, small and medium-sized industries, new companies, R&D projects)


  1. Existing company with an active customer base
  2. Company domiciled in French-speaking Switzerland
  3. Determination to improve (or sustainably continue) its performance

CTI Start-up (for technological start-ups with strong potential)


  1. Innovation with a significant technological component
  2. Potential for industrial production
  3. Deployment on the international market
  4. Project based in French-speaking Switzerland

CapitalProximité (for putting in contact with investors and buyers)


  1. Existing company or new company
  2. Company domiciled in French-speaking Switzerland


(by field of activity, market or key-word)