Facilitators and Partners

Business assistance bodies support and advise you free of change in all your plans to create, develop and transfer businesses. Thanks to a recognised network of skills, whatever the stage of development of your project, customised services are provided to you. The missions and special features of each of them are addressed below.

ECLOSION – Incubator in the field of life scences

To support the creation and development of companies in the field of the life sciences.

ESSAIM – Incubator of the Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy APRES-GE

A structure for hosting, advising, training and assisting persons and organisations that have a plan to create an activity, especially in the area of the social and solidarity economy (ESS).

FONGIT – Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation

Finance and assist in innovative high technology projects.

GENILEM – Not-for-profit association

Assist creators of innovative businesses.


Support the SMEs and company creators of Geneva in the development of their projects by calling on the skills of partner organisations.


FAE – Financer autrement les entreprises

Assist existing SMEs or those in the process of creation whose development is of interest to the canton in terms of employment and know-how.

FONDETEC - Communal foundation for the development of employment and the economic fabric in the city of Geneva

Promotion of new job-creating companies, support for the development of existing businesses, and stimulation of innovation in the city of Geneva.


Promote the economic independence of people through the creation or takeover of a small company with headquarters in Switzerland when the project developers do not have access to bank credit.


Make it possible to realise the vision and financing of companies in formation thanks to a booster contribution that can go up to CHF 130,000 without security.

APRES-GE - Chamber of social and solidarity-based economy

Promote and develop the social and solidarity-based economy (ESS) in the Geneva region.

CCIG – Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services

Promote and defend the interests of trade, industry and services in the canton, within the framework of the general interest of the Swiss economy, by improving the framework conditions that relate to the economy, supplying services to companies (especially information and documentation), and promoting its members by putting businesses in touch with each other.


Foster the participation of companies and researchers in the European research and innovation programmes (Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union for Research and Technological Development, Enterprise Europe Network, COST).

FER GENEVA – Federation of Western Switzerland businesses, Geneva

Leading employers’ association of the canton, grouping together 75 employers’ organisations and more than 24,000 members, companies and independent professions tasked with providing for the defence of the private economy, supplying services to its members (secretariat for professional associations, labour law, collective bargaining, professional training, health and safety at work, salaries and social security) and conducting a discussion on the evolution of society.


Advice on continuous training and skills development.

FTI – Foundation for the industrial land of Geneva

Enhancement of the industrial perimeters of the canton and support to the secondary sector.

GENEVA CREATIVITY CENTER – Space for collaboration, stimulation and emergence of ideas

Initiate encounters between players in research and in industry in order to develop original projects that benefit the local economic fabric.

UIG – Geneva Industrial Union

Professional and employers’ association of the mechatronics and associated sectors with the following objectives and missions:

  • Develop a spirit of solidarity and collaboration among its members.
  • Promote and support any effort enabling the maintenance of a competitive industrial sector in the region of Geneva.
  • Safeguard the interests of members and represent them to the authorities and third parties for all questions of a social/political/economic nature or of general interest.
  • Foster the maintenance of good relations between employers, employees, workers and apprentices within the framework of social stability and in the interest of cooperation that is fruitful and profitable for all the parties.
  • Contribute through regular information to the dissemination of news likely to be of interest to the members.
  • Devote its efforts to the training and professional advancement of the employees of the member companies.


SPECO – Economic Promotion and Commerce Service

Encouraging innovation and diversification of the private economy. On the strategic level, economic promotion aims at maintaining and developing new jobs as well as creating wealth in the economy of Vaud and the SMEs. It has the objective of training and informing entrepreneurs but also of fostering both exchanges and networking.

DEV – Vaud Economic Development

Promotion of foreign investments and the establishment of companies in the Canton of Vaud.

CODEV – Regional hosting platforms for businesses

Offer information, referral, advice and support services in the areas of economic promotion and the creation and development of businesses.

CVCI – Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The CVCI is a purely private association and therefore not subsidised. It draws its resources from the membership fees of its members, from the sale of services and from various assignments that it takes on. An interlocutor and mouthpiece for companies operating under the principles of the market economy, the CVCI is a member of the Swiss Business Federation (economiesuisse) and the Swiss Employers’ Union. It also belongs to the vast national and international network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

INNOVAUD – Accelerating innovation

Referrals, project set-up and follow-up for SMEs, start-ups and multinationals in the Canton of Vaud.


Develop synergies and R&D projects between businesses and the university-level institutions and research centres in western Switzerland.


Platform for meetings between private investors and companies aiming at contributing to strengthening the equity capital of SMEs and at helping all businesses located in French-speaking Switzerland to find private investors to finance their development or their transfer. Local service based on a network of men and women near you.


Supply coaching and strategic advice services to start-ups as well as to small and medium-sized industries with the objective of strengthening their business innovation system.


Promote and facilitate the succession of companies, equity acquisitions and cooperative projects as well as all the entrepreneurial initiatives of SMEs.


The Comission for Technology and Innovation is appointed by the Swiss Confederation in order to support high-tech projects and new companies by supplying them with coaching and direct access to investors. This national strategic mission promotes the economic growth, job creation and development of international competitiveness that will ensure the future prosperity of Switzerland.
The mission of CTI Start-up is to help entrepreneurs by offering them a coaching programme in four phases. A coach will help entrepreneurs bring their project to maturity to be able to apply to obtain the CTI Start-up Label which is a pledge of quality and credibility for investors. It will promote entry onto the market. The coaching is free of charge for companies, which will benefit from the expertise and networks of more than 60 CTI Start-up coaches.
CTI Start-up values highly its partnership with the OPI, whose experts are part of the CTI Start-up network.


Osec has been given the mission by the Swiss Confederation of helping SMEs and start-ups in their export efforts. Whether for obtaining information on a market or searching for customers, distributors, contractors or other partners, Osec supports companies by means of advisors in Switzerland, through the diplomatic network and thanks to 18 branches abroad, all made up of local staff members who well understand the culture and economic rules of their country.


Support new innovative companies and raise the awareness of students concerning the subject of entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the federal institutes of technology, universities and specialised university-level institutions.


(by field of activity, market or key-word)