Conditions for membership

Each company wishing to belong to the OPI must formally request its membership by means of a membership form which must be filled out correctly and legibly. Based on this, your company will be assigned a company sheet that will be recorded in our customer relations management (CRM) application and will be visible in part on our Internet portal.

The membership criteria are summarised as follows:

Any company can be accepted as a member that is domiciled in the Cantons of Geneva or Vaud, or pursues an economic activity in Geneva, active in:

  1. Traditional industry
  2. The new technologies
  3. Research and development
  4. Engineering
  5. Services that do not meet the above criteria but whose activities are directly connected with industry and whose effects are likely to be profitable to the members
  6. Professional associations

The membership application will be taken into consideration only if the membership form is sent back signed by a legal representative. Once the membership application is submitted to the management bodies of the OPI and approved by them, the same form is sent back countersigned to the company. Membership of the OPI enters into effect on the date of signing by the OPI.

Admission - Termination

Through the signing of the membership application by one of its representatives the company undertakes to comply with the conditions for membership mentioned above.

The management bodies of the OPI (operational management, Management Committee and Foundation Board) reserve the right to accept or to refuse a membership application.

The members have the possibility of cancelling their membership at 31 December of each year by recorded delivery letter. The membership fee for the year nonetheless remains due.

Without written notice on the part of the company, the membership is tacitly renewed even in the event that the employee who signed the membership form leaves or in the event of the acquisition of the company by another company.

Scale of subscription fees

Calculated as a function of the number of people employed by the company at the date of invoicing, the annual membership dues vary from CHF 500 to 6 000 excluding VAT.

Member companies will be informed in advance of any modification affecting the membership conditions or the membership fees scale.

Free subscriptions

Only companies (start-ups) supported as they get off the ground by an organisation such as Genilem, Fongit, Eclosion or CTI, can benefit from free membership for a period of a maximum of three years recorded within the framework of their support.

In the event of joining in the course of a year, the first payment for dues is calculated pro rata by the number of days of membership, which depends on the date of acceptance of the application by one or other of the office’s management bodies.

Joining fee

A one-time joining fee including administrative costs and the opening of the file is set at CHF 550.-.


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