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Technologie: Carouge accueille les essais pilotes d’entreprises innovantes et de l’Etat

Deux types de capteurs ont essaimé dans les rues carougeoises, ou sont en passe de le faire, dans le cadre d’expériences menées en partenariat par l’Etat avec plusieurs entreprises.

  • Date: 01 february 2016

L'industrie des machines a perdu 10'000 emplois en 2015

 Le problème principal de l'industrie suisse des machines, qui a biffé 10'000 emplois l'an dernier, demeure l'érosion des marges dans le contexte du franc fort. 

  • Date: 25 january 2016

Crossing-tech: l’adaptation au numérique

En Suisse, les acteurs des secteurs traditionnels prennent progressivement conscience de la progression de la transformation numérique. Ainsi, poussées par les clients et les investisseurs, les institutions dans les assurances, les banques et l’immobilier s’entourent d’experts dans l’intégration de données.

  • Date: 23 october 2015

Le KOF améliore ses prévisions conjoncturelles

L’économie suisse a mieux résisté que prévu à la force du franc. Par conséquent, le centre de recherches KOF revoit à la hausse ses prévisions de croissance, anticipant désormais pour 2015 une augmentation de 0,9% du Produit intérieur brut (PIB), contre 0,4% en juin.

  • Date: 23 october 2015

Suisse - Signaux positifs dans l’industrie

L’industrie helvétique a repris des couleurs au mois de mars. Après deux mois de baisse en janvier et février, l’indice des directeurs d’achat (PMI) de et de Credit Suisse a gagné 0,6 point, à 47,9 points.

  • Date: 09 april 2015

Geneva based Etrion plans $1 billion solar spending in Chile and Japan

Etrion Corp., which started a solar farm in Chile this week, plans to invest a total of as much as $1 billion in that nation and Japan during the next three years as solar power becomes cheaper than some fossil fuels.

  • Date: 05 november 2014

ABB’s TOSA flash charging electric bus technology wins innovation prize

The technology incorporated on TOSA, the first 100% electric articulated bus, was recognized at the EBUS Award 2014 on October 10. TOSA, which has now been in operation in Geneva, Switzerland, for over a year, won the Power Train and Charging Technology categories for its innovative on-board traction system and flash in-route charging.

  • Date: 13 october 2014

Pierre Maudet: "We intend to enhance the access of Geneva companies to the Japanese market"

JETRO Switzerland Newsletter has interviewed Pierre Maudet, Minister (“Conseiller d'Etat”) in charge of security and economic affairs at the Canton of Geneva.

  • Date: 04 september 2014

Novimmune reports successful completion of Phase I trial for NI-0101

The result supports progression of this first-in-class anti-TLR4 monoclonal antibody into clinical proof of concept study as a potential personalized medicine for rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Date: 08 august 2014

New Technology of Solar Generation Will be Applied in Pilot Solar Cooling Project , Rio de Janeiro

A new design of thermal energy generation from solar light will be installed soon in the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering (COPPE / UFRJ). It will be the first use of the Swiss company TVP Solar technology in Brazil, where the system will operate in a hybrid manner, complemented by natural gas, at a laboratory of 140 square meters, on Fundão Island, in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Date: 29 january 2014

Europe vies with China in electric bus race

It is a quiet afternoon at Geneva airport and just outside the main entrance, an electric bus billed as one of the most exciting developments in green public transport in years is gliding towards a potential public relations catastrophe.

  • Date: 08 august 2013

"Challenging Reality by Channeling Power" interesting article featuring Energy 8

As the world faces an impending energy crisis with the depletion of natural resources, a holistic and tailor-made approach in meeting the rising demand for power could be key to discovering a lasting solution, contends one such innovator at the World Future Energy Summit 2013 in Abu Dhabi.

  • Date: 25 january 2013

Promoting Indo-Swiss Trade in Biotech and Cleantech

On Thursday the 10th of January the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG), the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI) and the Swiss-India Business Forum (SIBF) in partnership with Bioalps organized an information evening for Swiss companies interested in being part of an economic mission to visit India from 3rd to 10th March 2013. In keeping with current trends, the focus of the visit will be to explore potential Indo-Swiss collaboration, primarily in the Biotech and Cleantech sectors.

  • Date: 18 january 2013

Masdar Testing TVP Solar’s cutting edge technology

In the opening day of the WFES 2012 in Abu Dhabi on January 16th, TVP Solar completed its first solar air cooling installation, operational in Masdar City. The swiss company based in Geneva expects its products to revolutionize the solar industry and renewable technologies, serving large air-conditioning consumers. 

  • Date: 16 january 2012


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