OPI in 10 points

In an economic environment where competition on a global scale is now at stake, the OPI offers its members access to the tools, methods and contacts to push back the frontiers and promote the expansion of SMEs into new markets.

To summarise, OPI offers the following services:

  1. Reference database of industrial data
  2. Analysis of the trends and the needs of the market
  3. Direct and concerted strategic involvement
  4. Interventions in the company that are targeted and relevant
  5. Bringing companies together spontaneously or upon request
  6. Role as a facilitator and coordinator
  7. Specific support to the benefit of technological and business innovation
  8. Facilitated access to economic support programmes
  9. Promotional coverage of companies and their activities
  10. Preferential access to high level conferences and seminars


(by field of activity, market or key-word)