Organisation chart

Find out about the whole OPI team, the different departments or units as well as the functions held by each employee.

From left to right: Gilles Chevrey, Consultancy Manager, Matthieu Laburthe, Communication and Events Manager, Rolf Gobet, Director, Murielle Ciliberti, Administration and Finance Manager.

From left to right: Gilles Chevrey, consultancy manager, Didier Mesnier, consultant, Patrice Bendjouya, consultant

From left to right: Philip Maguire, Communication Specialist, J.-Matthieu Laburthe, Communication and Events Manager, Marilena Conza, Events Specialist.

From left to right: Olivier Luminuku, Administrative Assistant - It Support Specialist, Murielle Ciliberti, Administration and Finance Manager, Joëlle Faucherre, Apprentice.

From left to right: Claude Joris, General Secretary, Christophe Rouiller, Executive Assistant

From left to right : Philip Maguire, Communication Specialist, Didier Mesnier, Executive Officer, Yohann Perron, Strategic Marketing Officer, Christophe Rouiller, Administrative Support Specialist.

J.-Matthieu Laburthe, Communication and Events Officer


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