Gilles Chevrey

Labour and organisational psychologist

With a degree in social psychology from the University of Geneva and the benefit of post-graduate training in the psychology of work and organisations from the University of Neuchâtel, Gilles Chevrey works as a company development consultant, attaching special importance to the development of collective skills.

After three years spent in the watchmaking industry as manager for the implementation of micro computing, he took up his psychology studies again, and then became HR manager for a digital services company for four years. Then he joined a consulting firm for HR management and acted as a consultant specialising in skills management. He sets up management-by-objectives systems for major groups and, within the framework of succession programmes, systems for assessment and management training.

His operational areas cover:

  • HR management
  • Merger and integration of companies
  • Entrepreneurial coaching
  • Team dynamics

In addition he works as an evaluator with AC4 within the framework of assessments, and acts as an expert for CTI Start-up and as a certified Platinn coach.

Didier Mesnier

Business consultant

A computer engineer by training, certified as a “Project management professional” and holder of a Master’s Certificate in Project Management, Didier Mesnier benefits from international experience in the area of project management.

He has concrete experience in company creation, having had the opportunity to create his own company in the area of telecommunications. As a consultant he puts his entrepreneurial experience to good use for the benefit of innovative new companies and works as a consultant with CTI Start-up and the Platinn network.

A key player in the setting up of a platform for sectoral promotion in the field of information and telecommunications technologies, defined as an economic priority by the cantons of western Switzerland, he is currently managing the platform.

Patrice Bendjouya

Financial consultant

With degrees from HEC Paris in finance and from the Universities of the Sorbonne and Dauphine in economics, Patrice Bendjouya has twelve years of experience in strategic finance (mergers & acquisitions, venture capital) and corporate finance (financial management and optimisation). He worked in investment banking at Rothschild & Cie, Close Brothers, and SFF Financial Services, and created Valmetrics, a company that is developing an innovative web service for investment funds.

He is a certified Platinn coach, financial consultant within the CapitalProximité network and trainer for VentureLab.

Patrice Bendjouya operates in the following areas:

  • Putting companies into contact with financial partners (investors, banks, guarantee and financing bodies) and vice versa, connecting investors with companies.
  • Modelling and financial management: business plans, analysis and projection of flow, monitoring cash flow, financial engineering, risk analysis, business evaluation.
  • Business intelligence: integration and analysis of data, multidimensional visualisation and reporting for decision making.