Branding for growing businesses

An introduction to branding for entrepreneurs!

Following the presentation a buffet lunch will be served

• How is your product or service different?
• Why will the market care?
• What’s your pitch? Is it convincing?
• Can you sum-up your company in 30 seconds?

The power of a clearly defined brand is that it can give a company of any size a real business edge.

Find out how at this presentation exclusively for members of the Bluebox, affiliated of OPI and Platinn’s beneficiaries.

Dr. Suzanne Mizera is an acknowledged expert in brand strategy. At Young & Rubicam she has developed strong branding for companies of all sizes, from global players to start-up enterprises. Discover how her revolutionary approach can be applied quickly and effectively to your business. Dr. Mizera will run a one-day workshop in english followed by private sessions in January to help further develop these concepts.
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Details and Registration

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  • Schedule : 11:30-13:30
  • Place : BlueBox, 3 chemin du Pré-Fleuri, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates
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