Lake Geneva Area Industry

Socio-Economic Environment

In the centre of Europe, in the heart of the region encompassing neighbouring France, Vaud and the Lake Geneva area, Geneva forms one of the most dynamic and innovative urban areas in the world. With nearly 464,000 inhabitants concentrated in a territory of only 245.7
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Geneva's Industry : Key Numbers

Industry (in the broadest sense) is often defined as the entire secondary sector, as opposed to the agricultural sector and the service sector. Besides manufacturing, the secondary sector also encompasses (at least in the Swiss statistics) mineral extraction, energy supply and the construction sector.
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Areas of Excellence

While Geneva’s economic activity is traditionally based on finance and trade, watchmaking, the production of scents and perfumes, and information and communication technologies, other emerging sectors such as biotechnologies and the technologies of renewable energies, called “cleantechs,” are growing rapidly. Intense exchanges and the transfer of technologies between the research institutes of the major universities (University of Geneva, University of Lausanne, EPFL)
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Facilitators and partners

Business assistance bodies support and advise you free of change in all your plans to create, develop and transfer businesses. Thanks to a recognised network of skills, whatever the stage of development of your project, customised services are provided to you. The missions and special features of each of them are addressed below. 
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