Chambre de Commerce Suisse-Israël

Chambre de Commerce Suisse-Israël

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Goals and Objectives THE ACTIVITIES OF THE SWISS - ISRAEL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE A brief overview of the services of the Chamber of Commerce simultaneously gives a picture of its activities, ever since it came into existence in 1969. The most important purposes of the Chamber and the real mainstay of its work is the service of information for the entrepreneurs of both countries, who intend to export their manufactured products to the other country. One of the main duties of the acting office of the Chamber is to find information for Swiss entrepreneurs about the Israeli market and to share information with interested parties in Israel about possibilities for business in Switzerland. Therefore, above all, it provides the research and proof of suitable representatives and agencies in both countries. The cooperation of the offices of the Chamber in Tel Aviv is also of great significance. Through the years, it was seen that these services have been used particularly, although not exclusively, by small and mid-sized companies. Often, these companies are not in the position to make their own market research. One of the preconditions of our work is our good and reliable cooperation with the official Swiss and Israeli authorities, as well as trade associations, trade unions, and others.

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Chambre de Commerce Suisse-Israël

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