Lemsys SA

Lemsys SA

Website : www.lemsys.com

Domain for activities : Optical | measuring instruments

Application markets : Industrial equipment and production, Quality | certification | licensing, Automation | robotics

No of Employees : 17

LEMSYS is a leading global provider of Test Equipment and associated Services for Power Semiconductor discrete devices and modules. Our product portfolio includes test equipment for IGBT, MOSFET, Power Modules, Intelligent Power Modules (IPM), Diodes, Thyristors, GTO with their relative connecting system. Associated with the creation of the IEC 60747 standard, LEMSYS is, since 1972, the reference for dynamic and static parameter measurement of Power Semiconductors. The main goal of LEMSYS is to develop, produce and market high quality electronic measurement equipment, devoting particular attention to the customer's total satisfaction in the manufacture of quality products. LEMSYS is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

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Lemsys SA

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