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OmniScience is an independent contract service organization providing scientific and medical writing services to the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies and academia. We are experienced, professional medical writers skilled in data interpretation and presentation. Domaines d'expertise : We are a team of professional medical writers who specialize in producing high quality documents for regulatory authorities and peer-reviewed journals. We have extensive experience in academia and industry. We have substantial publication records with well over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. We are experienced in editorial and expert reviewing and undergo continual training with professional bodies, including the DIA, EMWA and ECPM to keep informed of latest regulatory requirements. We are native English-speakers and fluent in German, French and Italian. Our academic and industry experience spans a broad range of medical and scientific areas : -Oncology : oncogene-targeted therapy, tyrosin kinase inhibitors, anti-angiogenic drugs, immunomodulatory drugs, hematological and cutaneous malignancies -Neurology : pain neuropharmacology, antidepressants, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, epilepsy -Gastroenterology : brain-gut axis, mucosal immunology, GI peptide hormones -Endocrinology and diabetes : peptide hormone pharmacology and metabolism, GPCRs, incretins -Nutrition : novel food supplements, scientific and regulatory aspects -Cardiovascular medicine : antiarrythmics -Critical care medicine : antioxidant drugs -Herbal drugs and natural products : pharmacological and toxicological screening Prestations : Regulatory affairs We are fully acquainted with drug regulatory and clinical research guidelines (ICH, EMEA, FDA). OmniScience provides a range of writing services for regulatory bodies. We work with clients'templates according to their style conventions or use our own templates based on ICH guidelines. Omniscience specializes in compiling regulatory documents for the pharmaceutial industry and provides the full range of non-clinical and clinical regulatory documents. Our regulatory medical writing experience includes a variety of regulatory submissions ranging from Investigative New Drugs (INDs) to products with Well-Established Use. We have particular experience in : -Writing and compiling non-clinical and clinical CTD modules (Non-clinical and Clinical Expert Statements) -Providing quality-assured eCTD-compliant non-clinical and clinical modules -Investigator Brochures -Clinical Study Protocols -Clinical Study Reports -Briefing Books and Replies to Authorities -Toxicology reports -Investigation Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD) -Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs), Patient information leaflets (PIL) -IND applications -Core Data Sheets (CDS) -Clinical trial summaries Publications & congresses We produce manuscripts that conform to publicaiton guidelines (GPP, ICMJE, CONSORT, STROBE). OmniScience provides a range of writing services for healthcare professionals. Writing original articles and reviews for peer-reviewed journals is second nature. We offer the following : -Manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals -Original articles and review articles, editorials, letters to the editor -Submission process : cover letters, responses to reviewers'comments -Systematic reviews / literature reviews and scientific assessments -Congress abstracts, medical scientific slide sets and poster presentations -Congress / scientific meeting proceedings Additional services We also offer the following : -Responses to Medical Information inquiries -Health claim applications for novel foods and supplements -Toxicological reports for the chemical industry, safety data sheets (SDS) and reports for REACH -Identifying and contacting experts / key opinion leaders -Medical and scientific translations from German and French into English -Training and consultancy -Texts for scientific and medical websites -Literature and database researches -Editing, proofreading, conceptional input, quality control and quality assurance of texts, tables adn graphics -Scientific brochures -Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

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