Orbiwise SA

Orbiwise SA

Website : www.orbiwise.com

Domain for activities : Office Equipment | IT equipment

Application markets : Agriculture, Quality | certification | licensing, Community, Energy | heating, Environment | cleantech, Computers, Engineering, Recreation | tourism, Housing, Metrology | measurement, Health | medicine | hospitals

No of Employees : 6

Main activities OrbiWise designs and implements software and hardware building blocks enabling the roll-out of wireless communication infrastructures dedicated to internet of things. These infrastructures are called Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networks. OrbiWise is a leading international solution provider for low-power wide-area Internet-of-Things networks based on LoRa™ technology and is a member of the LoRa™Alliance. Its customers deploy LPWA networks in smart cities, precise agriculture and industrial areas. LPWA networks are of special interest to wireless operators, utilities and industrial companies that want to serve many applications in the Internet-of-Things domain with a single low-cost infrastructure. Own products UbiQ : comprehensive UbiQ core network solution for Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networks taking full advantage of LoRa™ bidirectional communication technology. OrbiWise's UbiQ solution enables the deployment of such infrastructure from city-scale to nation-wide coverage with seamless expansion and support for millions of connected objects. Furthermore, UbiQ's O&M tool suite allows operations and maintenance of the entire network from a single web-based graphical user interface. Know how / Services provided Design of wireless communication infrastructures, software development (network protocols, real-time, ...), electronic design. Research & Development Optimization of wireless communication systems, innovative internet of things solutions. Subcontracting works LPWA networks software commissioning and operations, maintenance and upgrades Equipment serving for sub-contracting Fully equipped laboratory for design, implementation and measurement of wireless electronic devices

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