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  1. Preferred rates for fairs and business trips
  2. Connecting with qualified business contacts - spontaneously or on request
  3. Networking at confidential events (on invitation)
  4. Personalised counselling at preferred conditions
  5. Visits to member companies


Each company wishing to belong to the OPI must formally request its membership by means of a membership form which must be filled out correctly and legibly. Based on this, your company will be assigned a company sheet that will be recorded in our customer relations management (CRM) application and will be visible in part on our Internet portal.

Any company can be accepted as a member that is domiciled in the Cantons of Geneva or Vaud active in:

  1. Traditional industries
  2. New technologies
  3. Research and development
  4. Engineering
  5. Services that do not meet the above criteria but whose activities are directly connected with industry and whose effects are likely to be profitable to members
  6. Professional associations related to the above activities


You wish to become a member ? Please fill the following form, Your application will be reviewed and a complete subscription file will be sent to you.

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