Foundation Board


Ivan MEISSNER, CEO Qualimatest SA.

State of Geneva

Emanuela DOSE SARFATIS, Vice-Director, DGDERI (Direction générale du développement économique, de la recherche et de l’innovation) at DSE - Economy and Security department.

State of Vaud

Lionel EPERON, Chief of SPECo (Service of the economic promotion and trade).

Union Industrielle Genevoise (UIG)

Simon SIGGEN, Lem SA Operations Vice-President, UIG President.

Nicolas AUNE, General Secretary of UIG (OPI Treasurer)

Jean-Luc FAVRE, Managing Director of ABB Sécheron SA.

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva (CCIG)

Jacques JEANNERAT, Managing Director of CCIG

Bernard GIROD, Serbeco Administrator

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Vaud (CVCI)

Bernard RUEGER, Rueger Director and CVCI President.

Other Industries

Jean-Max ARBEZ,  French-Switzerland Managing Director for HP (Suisse)  (until 2010) –  Boost Academy Director

Michel BALESTRA, Balestrafic Director (OPI Vice-President).

University of Geneva

Didier RABOUD, General Vice-Secretary of Geneva University Rectorship.

HES-SO Geneva

François ABBE-DECARROUX,  HES-SO Genève Managing Director.

Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI)

Rolf GOBET, Director