The OPI is a foundation under private law that was founded in 1976. It originated from the Geneva government’s desire to support its industries. Over time the OPI has evolved, in particular on a geographical level.. Approximately ten years ago the Foundation acquired a Lake Geneva basin dimension by being co-financed by the Canton of Vaud in addition to the State of Geneva. Since 2003, the OPI has also been mandated by the Conference of Departments of Economic Affairs of Western Switzerland (CDEP-SO) which gives it a French-speaking regional dimension.
Thus, the OPI administers the two clusters BioAlps and AlpICT andpromotional networks for biotechnologies and information technologies respectively. Moreover, the OPI also provides the general secretariat for the LAKE GENEVA REGION, a body for the promotion of the economic, technological and tourism advantages of the Lake Geneva basin.

Revealing opportunities: INFORM - ENHANCE - ADVISE

A promotional force at the service of the know-how of industrialists

Enjoying a strong local relationship with its associated companies, the OPI has a dynamic and detailed vision of the technological potential, industrial production capacity, and high degree of innovation that characterise the enterprises of the Lake Geneva basin.

Mission no. 1: Inform precisely and comprehensively

The OPI will give visibility to your company. With a profound knowledge of the industrial fabric of Geneva and the Lake Geneva region, the OPI presents a high-profile showcase of your activities to your business partners.

Through technology and strategic monitoring based on your needs, the OPI supplies you with precious information on the market trends and helps you identify new business opportunities. It coordinates its actions with those of other support and promotional institutions at the canton, regional and federal levels to provide you, if appropriate, with additional wide-ranging support.

Essentially dedicated to small and medium-sized industries in cutting-edge sectors with a high capacity for innovation, the OPI aims to help you enter markets.

Benefit from a unique and specialised show-case, and position your company at the heart of the economic fabric of your region

Mission no. 2: Take advantage of new contacts

Thanks to a precise and up-to-date vision of the local industrial fabric as well as to the ongoing relationships that it maintains with the players on the market, the OPI is endowed with  indispensable expertise that can open the best doors for you. In concrete terms, it will promote initial contacts between your company and those who need it.

A true relay station for your industrial know-how, the OPI acts as a facilitator, an advisor and a coordinator for the effective conclusion of new contracts. With constant monitoring, the OPI has the means to react – and to have you act – rapidly, so that you will be able to seize opportunities at the most appropriate time.

The industries of the Lake Geneva region are perceived by the market as having an image of quality and reliability. To these values the OPI adds the reputation of a dynamic, recognised body and the support of a responsible promotional structure.

Benefit from the network of contacts coordinated by the OPI to discover your industrial potential and speed up the development of your business.

Mission no. 3: Advise you and help you succeed

The OPI lets you benefit from the expertise of specialists to turn your development project into reality.

The OPI acts as a real coach and assists you in developing your commercial strategy. It will advise you on the organisation and management of your company, on the identification of markets and the search for financing.

Whatever the phase of maturity in which you find yourself, whether you are a start-up or an established company, the OPI will analyse the potential of your projects with you, defining their feasibility and evaluating all the chances for success. Based on these prospects and according to the degree of innovation of your company, the OPI will help you pass through the different stages of your development and enable you to benefit from public support programmes.

According to the circumstances, the OPI will guide you with the necessary perspective during sensitive transition phases (growth, restructuring, reorientation, transfer).

Combine your own talents with those of specialists whose additional know-how will guide you step by step towards success.

A code of conduct regarding competition

The OPI defends the general interests of its members and more generally Geneva's industry and technologies. It meets the requirements which apply to all the concerned activities. In line with this code of conduct, no sensitive information under competition laws would be shared by the OPI, such as information on prices, customers, production, strategy and any other sensitive information that would not be accessible to the public.