Find out about the whole OPI team, the different departments or units as well as the functions held by each employee.

  • Murielle Ciliberti

    Administration and Finance Manager

    Member of the Executive Comitee

  • Laurent Horvath

    Coach Platinn Cooperation

  • Marilena Conza

    Events Specialist

  • Fanny Randanne

    Project Manager and Industrial Ecosystem Development

  • Yohann Perron

    AlpICT Strategic Marketing Officer

  • Stefano Alacam

    Competitive Intelligence Specialist

  • Jean-Marc Hilfiker


  • Rania Al-Baroudi


  • Juan José Lopez Villarejo

    Competitive intelligence specialist and data analyst

  • Delphine Seitiée

    Ecosystem Development Manager Alp ICT

  • Sandrine Barrucand

    Communication Specialist AlpICT