Who are your competitors and what are they doing in your market? How healthy is their business? What about your partners? Your customers? What does the new market in which you plan to get started actually look like? What are the current regulations?
The OPI economic intelligence unit can provide you with the information you need to anticipate threats and identify new opportunities for your business.


Recurring Services

• Strategic watch: surveillance of competitors, suppliers, partners, markets, major players and prospects at pre-determined intervals.
• Technology and regulations watch: follow-up of technical evolutions, new materials, processes and innovations.
• Geneva Industry Barometer : monthly information and cyclical analyses. Barometer is available free of charge upon registration.
• Market segment or personalized press reviews: summary of current events of sectors or themes you wish to have for your company, as frequently you require them.

One-off Services

• Initial diagnosis: brief analysis of business intelligence actions to be set up for your company, based on its situation.
• Market profile: Swiss or international investigation of global or specific markets of your choice (actors, competitors, decision-processes, market allocations, technologies and products, potential opportunities).
• Mapping of industrial streams: deciphering of the value chain and the decision-makings for a specific market or industry.
• Watch reports of shows and conferences:  customized for any event, according to your objectives and interests (competitors, technologies, products, etc.)


The OPI's Communications and Events Unit is responsible for promoting businesses in the industrial fabric of Geneva and Vaud through activities in two main areas: communications and events.



The OPI informs affiliates, the media, and economic and political stakeholders about industry trends and Swiss and international technologies. We also create visibility for our businesses by relaying their news via our communications channels and our media partners.
- Relaying the most relevant information via our website, our social networks, our newsletter and through the media.
- Creating articles about innovations, contracts and important partnerships, company portraits and interviews.
- Press conferences, but also assistance with drafting and sending out press releases and creating press kits.
- Strategic support for affiliates in their communications projects.


The OPI organises meetings, conferences and other events to support the development and competitiveness of its affiliates. The OPI also organises shared stands at trade shows or other local and international meetings that allow companies to present their know-how.
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- Identifying professional local and international trade fairs, organising shared stands (pavilions), creating subsidised packages and providing support for meeting partners/clients.
- Organising events facilitating new collaboration and enhancing the visibility of local industry such as “Actes’ Industries”
- Visiting businesses and sharing experiences: "OPI breakfasts"
- Conferences and workshops on new solutions to business problems (current or one-off such as possible measures to take in relation to the abandonment of the minimum rate)


SMEs in the canton can benefit from the OPI's experience in innovation (products, business, business models, cooperation, optimising work tools etc.) with the support of R&D partners (universities, research institutes) and pilot users.
The OPI's activities include:

  • Evaluating the commercial potential of innovation
  • Identifying partners with complementary skills
  • Optimising working structures
  • Financing applications
  • Structuring and project planning
  • Submitting projects to funding programmes (e.g. CTI)

Qualified Linking

The OPI's coaches have a vast network in the Geneva industrial area, as well as nationally and internationally. They are able to link companies with targeted parties according to their expectations. As a result, the OPI helps companies generate business opportunities faster or helps them to launch collaborative projects.


Business Consulting

As a public-service mission, the OPI hosts consultations for industrial and innovative companies in order to quickly respond to their issue or if needed, direct them to other appropriate organizations within Geneva authorities’ supportset-up .
For more complex issues, the OPI will support companies with targeted coaching and provide specialists adapted to their business needs.
Coaching can be received through the inter-cantonal Platinn support programme in the following areas.

  • analysing the potential of innovative projects;
  • creating partnerships;
  • access to public funds;
  • setting up cooperation projects (structure, governance, intellectual property, finance, risk);
  • negotiating cooperation agreements.


  •   increasing sales;
  •   diversifying, offering and new business models;
  •   strengthening customer relationships;
  •   validating and implementing an idea or a business innovation project;
  •   changes in strategy;
  •   support in seeking financing the company or for an innovation project.


  •   developing the funding strategy and certifying records;
  •   access to an extensive network of investors and funding sources;
  •   establishing relationships between investors and companies;
  •   negotiating and fundraising.


  • increasing productivity and performance;
  • controlling flows and processes;
  • optimal use of resources (human and technical);
  • appropriateness of the strategy for the organisation;
  • cost and operational optimisation

More on:

R&D Projects

Among its innovation support activities, the OPI is active in R&D project management, such as objectives monitoring, resource management, or processes and projects steps follow-up. The OPI supports companies involved in the development of innovative solutions projects, no matter if they are financed by the CTI, federal programs or any European fund. Besides the collaboration with the academic circles and management itself, the OPI support is characterized by the  company risks and opportunities analysis, all along the project.

Collaborations : Geneva Creativity Center, CTI, Alliance, H2020

matchINVEST Platform & Certification

matchINVEST is an independent and neutral intermediary platform for financing new innovations and business transfers is the place where entrepreneurs and investors can meet. The platform is available to:

  • entrepreneurs who wish to meet investors
  • investors targeting company research
  • professionals (fiduciaries, banks)

The matchINVEST platform gives companies of all backgrounds access to research tools and powerful matching, with the security of an institutional framework guaranteed by the French-speaking cantons.
For more information :


Examples of OPI's implication and operations in projects, sometimes on a large-scale such as for the TOSA project, where most expertises of OPI's expertise was mobilized.


TOSA gave a World Premiere presentation to the public in May 2013. It is a large size articulated electric bus (18 meters for 110 passengers) which will be launched in Geneva in 2018. Thanks to its feeding technology, it recharges at bus stops in 20 seconds, the exact time needed for passengers to board and get off.
Combining multiple and economical technologies , TOSA positions Geneva and Switzerland as a major actor in sustainable mobility innovation, as well as a major incubator for quality of life projects

tosa electric bus station
tosa electrical bus

The development of the TOSA project is the fruit of a partnership between the TPG, ABB Sécheron, SIG, OPI and the State of Geneva. OPI was involved in several project steps which are shown below:

tosa project developement infograph