This Offshore Wind Summit will cover all aspects of developing, running and financing offshore wind projects. Developments in deeper water, with larger turbines and further offshore in a cost effective way makes offshore wind a topic that you must know about to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Speakers for the Offshore Wind Summit will include: Jonathan Cole, Managing Director, SCOTTISH POWER RENEWABLES; Bart Oberink, Head of Offshore Business Management, RWE INNOGY; Tim Foster, Senior Renewable Energy Originator, STATKRAFT; John Westwood, Chairman, DOUGLAS-WESTWOOD; Klaus Rave, Chairman, GLOBAL WIND ENERGY COUNCIL; Jérôme Guillet, Managing Director, GREEN GIRAFFE ENERGY BANKERS; Chris Veal, Managing Director, TRANSMISSION CAPITAL; Fintan Whelan, Co-Founder & Corporate Finance Director, MAINSTREAM RENEWABLE POWER.

With unmissable topics that will ensure you stay ahead of the game in Offshore Wind. Topics will include:

  • Understanding Global Markets:  Discover how offshore wind fits into the global energy mix as a resource and learn where new projects are likely to be developed
  • Larger and Deeper: Learn when and where large scale, deeper and further offshore wind will be deployable and uncover the risks and costs
  • Financing Offshore Wind: Engage in how to harness corporate appetites for financing offshore wind and which structures are best suited for financing offshore wind
  • Challenges for Developers: Discover what the key technical risks are for building and operating offshore wind projects and how those issues can be resolved
  • Accessing the Grid and Supply Chain: Join key players, such as Scottish Power’s Managing Director for Offshore Wind, Jonathan Cole, who will discuss the support systems available within the supply chain for Offshore wind and learn how the grid can be designed to suit offshore wind

For more information, take a look at the agenda for the Offshore Wind Summit here.


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