Crossing-Tech SA recognized as one of the Global Hot 100 innovative enterprises

Crossing-Tech, a Lausanne Science Park headquartered company, has been selected by the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (THEWSIE) as one of the Global Hot 100 innovative enterprises changing business and society.

Crossing-Tech SA, a Swiss company held by James Nauffray, founder and CEO, is specialized in solving the critical problem of data inconsistency among incompatible systems. Founded in 2003, Crossing-Tech is especially dedicated for banks and financial institutions facing unprecedented business and technology complexity.

Its Connectivity Factory™ delivers true interoperability among financial and back office applications, proprietary and legacy systems, transaction protocols and web services, using standard connectors to integrate applications for a complete view of information. The Connectivity Factory™ also supports the implementation of cloud-to-enterprise and cloud-to-cloud platforms, offering greater flexibility and lower infrastructure costs while ensuring data integrity and security. Crossing-Tech builds the indispensable bridge between your operational strategy and business applications, delivering integrated intelligence in weeks – not years.

Connectivity Factory™ is based on open source written in JAVA but an extra ‘meta’ layer has been developed in Scala by the Crossing-Tech team.

Scala has played a key part, both in Connectivity Factory™ creation and its subsequent deployment. Scala accelerates coding and fits nicely into the Crossing-Tech’s agile development methodology allowing them to rapidly produce bespoke connectors. Not only is the coding time reduced but they also get improved code quality, Scala detects many more errors at the compile phase.

The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (THEWSIE) has recognized in Crossing-Tech an innovative and performing company and its organizers have selected the enterprise as a Global Hot 100 Vendor among candidate enterprises from around the world and invited it to participate at its upcoming meeting in Boston (MA) on September 26th-28th 2012.

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