Geneva's industry: key numbers

How to define the industry ?

Industry (in a broad sense) is often defined, in opposition to the agriculture and service sectors, as making up the entirety of the secondary sector. In addition to manufacturing, the secondary sector also includes (at least according to the Swiss statistics) mineral extraction, energy supply and construction. Strictly speaking, however, the industrial sector refers to manufacturing.

Industrial Geneva: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors

About 43'000 jobs
The secondary sector contributes up to 15 %  GDP and accounts for 14.6 % jobs in Geneva (constantly increasing for the past 20 years) distributed in sub-sectors as follows:

Industry Development Geneva - Secondary Sectors in the Geneva Area

Over 50% exported
The industries of the canton export for a total of 8,3 billion francs distributed as follows:
Watchmaking: 41 % - Jewellery: 27 % - Chemistry, Pharmacy: 13 % - Precious Metals, Works of Art: 12 % - Others: 7 %


Jobs in industry according to company size
Employment by sector
Geneva Industry: SME and Companies
Industry exports